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Astronomical Adventures is pleased to invite you to join us in exploring the Earth as a planet and examining the contents and depths of the Universe with large telescopes. 

No background in astronomy or geology are required and presentations will normally not exceed an introductory college level, the discussions themselves directly reflecting your interests, requests, and education. 
Capacity is limited to allow optimum small group dynamics and individual attention in our multi-day Discovery Programs.

"Having been an amateur astronomer for over 45 years, a former President of the Von Braun Astronomical Society, a college astronomy instructor for 13 semesters, an observatory and planetarium director for five years, a retired F-14 Tomcat Naval Aviator, and a Program Manager at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center (home of U.S. Space Camp) for two years, I have attempted to combine my passions and expertise to create the most exciting educational and recreational adventure vacation experience of its kind anywhere in the country, featuring the largest telescopes, darkest skies, most extensive day activities, comfortable ranch accommodations, and reasonable rates.  I will facilitate developing the "big picture" of the Earth as a planet and its place in the Universe through discussions of the objects and processes under study."

"I look forward to hearing from you and to have the opportunity to help create an experience for you that is more than a star party, more than a geologic expedition, and more than just a great vacation.  In fact, I hope to make your adventure with us as exciting as a supersonic dogfight!"

Bob Woolley
Founder, Astronomical Adventures LLC

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